Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intent to landscape

I refuse to take no for an answer in landscaping my backyard. I want to do a container only flower/food garden with lots of vintage containers and free-standing art. I hope I can pull through it and make it fabulous!

Creative Cafe cards

Creative Cafe tonight was pretty great. (: As usual, Kristen had a great project for us to do. But, of course, I was in space cadet mode and forgot ALL of my craft stuff. Luckily, crafty people are also nice people who let scrambled-egg brained crafters borrow their stuff. Then, of course, my scatter-brain kept making mistakes, like cutting things too small, gluing them too close, or inking too heavily. BUT, nevertheless, everything came out pretty well. I'm especially proud of the orange card, which I'll be sending to my aunt, as that button sewing on the tag was completely unique to me. :D I need to get ahold of some more tools and stamps so I can make cards like this at home.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Flying solo

My first attempt at a card with no assistance. I must admit, as a novice, it's a little intimidating trying to set sail on your own without your guide to give you some inspiration. With this card, my main tools were office scissors, pop dots, and a Hannah Montana glue stick. I really need to increase my inventory of crafting supplies.

First cards!

These are two of the first cards I made, ever! Lin taught me stamping and punching and putting the two together. I didn't have a blog or a MacBook then so I'm catching up with these here.

A little about my inspiration...

Jessica Thomas and I have been best friend's since we were 2. (We're both 17) No matter what has happened, no matter how we've grown up, or how we've changed, we still lived 5 houses away from each other and still have every excuse to laugh every moment we're with each other. We've been through break-ups, boyfriends, make-ups, divorces, and just about everything best friends can go through. She's my one and only best friend for life. And I know we'll be 80, reminiscing the old days while she knits and I crochet.

Stamping with my best friend

As you can see by the silly girl making funny faces in the background, I had help with these simple cards. We were just playing with some stamps and inks that Lin lent me and these were our silly creations. She did most of the stamping while I did most of the pasting and cutting (as I didn't want her to chop her fingers off.)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

A little about my inspiration...

This boy is the sunshine in all my days. He knows just what to say and when to say it. When I weigh myself and look disappointed, he laughs and says "Sweetie, you have big hair, it's all hair weight. Nothing to worry about." When I ask him if he wants some vegan meat instead of me cooking chicken, he says "I'll eat anything, sweetheart." He makes me feel needed and wanted and loved all the time and he never lets me forget that he cares. He inspires my happiness and inspires me to make him all kinds of cute crafts and cards. Best of all, he inspires me to face my fears and really fall in love. <3

Dog-themed chipboard album

I made this chipboard album in a class at Whim So Doodle, a local craft EMPORIUM. The class is Creative Cafe and you pay whatever amount between $2-$15 and they give you a complete kit, a model, and teach you to put the kit together but give you plenty of free-reign and options. I don't have a dog so I made this album for my boyfriend's dog who DOES NOT smile in just about every picture. So, though this album is much shorter than the others people made, (mine is only 8 pages while everyone else had something like 12 page albums) it turned out rather well as I mixed clean pages with distress-inked pages. I also used cute quotes from the kit that were printed from the computer on cardstock, which is an AWESOME idea, rather than using stamps. The binder ring has a ton of cute ribbon around it, which my dad calls 'rags' when he laughs at my crafting style. Silly pops. Hope you like it. (:

Exploding box with 8 paper pockets

I made this exploding box for my darling Jon on his 20th birthday and filled the small slots with coupons and complimentary lists. The directions made it look super complicated but it really wasn't that serious. But, when you don't have a cutter and you're freehanding with scissors, don't plan to follow the measurements; it will be necessary to improvise. Just today did I invest in an actual cutter. I hope it'll make my life easier.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My favorite card for my favorite guy

Last card of the day that I made for my sweetheart. Pop dots behind the heart really made the front. On the inside, it says "you mean everything to me." (:

Same stamp set, 3 unique cards

1 stamp set - 3 different cards. Got up and started crafting with Lin and we've already made 3 cards since 8am. Armed with a protein shake and a metabolism tea, I'm ready to face the music.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Playing with CS5 and Content Aware

I just got my hands on CS5 Extended and I was playing around with content aware aware feature and was able to get rid of everything in that left corner while keeping it pretty natural. I haven't been on Photoshop in what feels like years so I'm still having a little trouble getting back into the swing of things. I feel like I'm at a brush-block with making brush projects. I'll have to work on that.

First post!

I've been crafting with Lin for HOURS and this is what we've come up with. An owl card that took FOREVER because we just could NOT understand the video's directions. When we finally got a handle on it, I went into zone mode and my brain starting roaming like a metro phone in Wisconsin. So, mine looks nice, but the pop-out mechanism is a little iffy. The other two cards were pretty fun. The purple flowery one was cut out with sewing scissors which are a NECESSITY to all crafters. And, for the vintage collage card, we used stippling, which was a new thing for me. Guess I'll continue photoshop crafting for now. Ciao!