Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today was a FANTASTIC day as it was CHRISTMAS in my house! The lovely Bobbi and Lin gifted me 2 BOXES of stamps, inks, paper, ephemera, punches, and ONE GIANT CUTTER! I am so beyond excited, you have no idea. Tomorrow night will be PLAY PLAY PLAY because I am a REAL crafter. NO MORE HANNAH MONTANA GLUE STICK BABY, I HAVE THE BIG GUNS.

Okay, I'm a little over excited. Just look out for tons of craftiness coming your way.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Peach blossom shave soap to the rescue!

As a crafter, I recognize all handmade items as craftiness, and this lady's soap:, is PURE craftiness. Natural, amazing soap, especially the shave soap, that I had to share it. I only buy natural and this lady has my business forever. I pride her on being a crafty pioneer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creative Cafe book "things we love"

Before I start, I'd love to know why my pictures upload in reverse order. Nevertheless, I'm almost too stressed to explain this project, but see as it's so col (imagine 1000000000000 times cuter in person), I will try my hardest.

Creative Cafe was, for once, not taught by Kristen. And darnit, I cannot remember the woman's name who was teaching it. She went through the steps and was rather practical, but her nonchalant use of the word cadiwhompus (or however you spell it) has stuck it into my brain and I find myself cleverly slipping into my conversations.

This project is made of an envelope book by 7 gypsies and is soooo cute. The funniest part is that the book originally came with 10 pages, but somehow, our teacher got a special book that accidentally was made with 11! She planned the entire project around an 11 page book and she was the only one that had such a thing, so she had to bust open a couple and pass out pages. Luckily, the books were bound with some simply bindery thing which made putting the extra page in a quite simple task.

I really loved this little craft because it didn't take much. It was the book, paper, ink, and ribbon. Well, and pop-dots, but those are a given. The only thing that would make it hard and even impossible to recreate this piece is not having one of those fancy cutter machines that cuts pictures and figures; a machine which I do not have. It's a crafty little bit of inspiration, though, to show that you can go pretty far with only a few tools. Let me tell you, I am an INKER and I went nuts on this book. It turned out pretty cool though.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

An idea of my own!

So, this card began with Lin and I doing similar things, but something took hold of me inside and I began stamping and punching and weaving and tying until I realized I had a tiny hanging card with a bow that prevented it from closing. I imagine you can't tell a thing about this card via the pictures, thanks to my photo friend room lighting (sike), but I can describe that ribbon was weaved in and out of some holes punched via Japanese screw punch (I think that's the name?) and it turned into a little handle on the outside and a bow on the inside. The task was to keep it closed. Lin and I threw around a few ideas but we decided a white brad with some cool string to tie around it like an envelope would look the classiest, and it did! Wish you could see it in person, it's way cool. (:

Now, this card was really cool and easy to make. It's an EASEL card, which means it sits up like an easel... Duh, haha. So, we used a 2-step stamping method (my first time), which was pretty swell, though I kept missing. The card was mostly orange (my favorite color), which was a lovely plus. I think I'm going to make more of these on my own when I get my paws on some good (not Joann's) cardstock. No offense to Joann, but her cardstock is like public restroom toilet paper. Love the sales, though. 40% the Crop-a-dile (or however you spell that) is not something to be argued with.

Same set, 2 adorably different cards

Two different cards, same stamp set. Apparently, birds are SO in right now and they really are adorable. Momma bird and baby birds are two separate stamps and I must admit, I like the green and brown one best, seeing as the brown is actually embossed to look like tree bark. Yet, for some reason, that didn't thrill my mother...

Christy is having another baby.

This card is for Christy, an old friend of mine, who is having her second baby to be named Charlotte Olivia. I was so excited because I never have friends who have babies (seeing as I'm 17 and NO ONE at 17 should be having babies) so I jumped on the opportunity to make a baby card. We used a stamp roller (my first time) and then colored in the images. On the inside, we just used a simply baby carriage, which I, at first, messed up by stamping on the paper with tiny dots stuck to the stamp (only to me, could that happen) so I restamped and have it a 3D effect. (more like a Parkinson's hand effect.)

Stuff my mom is fascinated with

When I came home from Lin's house and showed my mom this card we made, all of the other cards were chump change. She just FLIPPED over the embossed dots. She's like CAN I COME WITH YOU NEXT TIME!? She was so excited about this card. We used the Big Shot with the embossing folder. BUT! we stamped the white paper BEFORE we embossed, which made it extra special.

Now, the accordion flower which, when given the proper directions, took about 5 minutes to make, was the second most interesting thing I came home with. She was like YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME HOW TO MAKE THAT, and I'm thinking whoopee. She thinks my cards or nice, but is thrilled to the nines of a 1 1/4in accordion flower. Well, at least she likes something. (:

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Creative Cafe flowers

Yet another wonderful creative cafe! Kristen had us making flower arrangements from a package of punched out flowers, a sweet vase from Target, and some wire from Michael's. But let's keep it between us that she outsourced. (; I used pop-dots to add dimension to the flowers, butterfly and bird. I used hot glue to adhere the flowers to the wire. Hot glue is a pain. |:< I kept sticking my fingers in it and burning myself. Nevertheless, it turned out wonderful and I actually impressed my mother with one of my crafts. She liked it so much, she asked to keep it. I don't think I've ever been so proud. (:

Just to say, Creative Cafe was yesterday, but I was too busy to photograph.